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Some FAQs

Some of the more popular questions and answers are here, ranging from my favorite activities to explanations and background of some of the content areas, and other things that don't fit anywhere else. Please check here to see if your question has already been asked. If not, send me a note with it. ☺
What's the story behind the site and blog name?

The site name just popped in a long time ago. Way back when Al Gore first invented the internet.. It seemed perfect and is a good word to live by.. considering.. The blog name is from when I first learned to drive. My very protective friend always did the hover mom thing constantly asking if everything was going ok and did I need his help.

One day I decided to call him on it. When he said "do you need any help with anything?" I put on my best perfectly straight face and I said "yes actually.. I can't turn left. It's becoming a real obstacle for me.." He stared at me for a few seconds trying to figure out if I was serious and then said "you're an idiot" and walked away. The moral of the story is sometimes people with disabilities have to deal with bizarre limitations that don't always make sense but are still very real. Since I'm warped, I thought it was hilariously funny and so I use it as my "blog" name..

So Naked Hippies and Friendly Strangers are real?

Yes. I live the kind of life where Naked Hippies in my living room is an every day kind of thing ☺ What else can you expect from someone who once ran away with the circus?.

The Friendly Stranger is my nemesis. I have a nemesis because I consider myself a superhero and all superheroes need a nemesis.. like Boris and Natasha always trying to mess with Dudley Doright. I call them "The Friendly Stranger" collectively because I'm Canadian and we had a meeting and decided stupid dirtbags could be considered mean, and I'm not a mean person. ☺

How do I participate with Unlimbited, Ski For Good or Everybody Rides?

A SPECTACULAR question. Lots of ways. You can carry and sell Unlimbited, My Life is Better Than Your Vacation, and I Woke Up, Praise Me products in your retail location - like Hellroaring Saloon (stickers) and Panache Interiors (coffee mugs), or you can be part of the Ski For Good network by offering a small discount to people with a Ski For Good zipper pull, or you can sponsor an event or a page.. contact me and we can come up with other great ideas as well.