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è Ispirante Fashions

Fun and attractive Adaptive Clothing for girls.
Primary Category: Fashion & Beauty
Tags children

HandyBag Power Chair Side Bag

Made for electric wheelchair users. The side bag is designed to be handled with just one hand, which makes it easier to use thanks to a unique inner shell system.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps

HandyBag Wheelchair Backrest Bag

Made for manual wheelchair users, the first dynamic backpack that the users can pull from the back side to the front and give them full access to their personal belongings with virtually no effort.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps

Torch Heated Gloves

The all new Torch Heated Gloves are the best way to keep your hands nice and toasty for up to 6 hours. Simply turn them on and enjoy the soothing warmth. Each glove has a 3.7V rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will surely keep your hands warm all season long!
Primary Category: Temperature Regulation

Sportube Freestyler Gear bag

Offering a quick, convenient attachment with tons of room, the Sportube Freestyler gear bag is ideally suited and sized to most wheelchairs.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps
Tags SIA 17

Fat Strap Stash

Replace your existing straps with this wide, comfortable and secure stash strap.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps
Tags OR 17


No more struggling with a buckle pin. Just slide the belt through the buckle opening and pull until you get the perfect fit.
Primary Category: Fashion Accessories
Tags ladies, mens, OR 17

ZeroTie Hands Free Shoes

Hands free shoes from Zerotie.com use a patented lacing technology that tightens without the need for hands or bending.
Primary Category: Footwear
Tags children, ladies, mens

BFresh Backpack

BFresh backpacks are well made, sturdy and are the perfect width for a wheelchair.
Primary Category: Bags, Totes & Straps
Tags ladies, SIA 17

Hand Out Pro Mittens

Comfortable, cozy and so convenient. An absolute must have.

Primary Category: Gloves & Mittens
Tags skiing, snowboarding, winter

SnowStopper Mittens

SnowStoppers® is the brand that started it all.
Primary Category: Gloves & Mittens
Tags children, winter

LeBent Base Layers

Luxuriously soft and comfortable. My go to medium weight base layers.
Primary Category: Underwear
Tags skiing, snowboarding, winter