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Chefs Vision Knives

6-Piece Wildlife Series: Nature’s most beautiful creations, Asian jungles, Australian reefs and Russian forests are pictured on these captivating blades.
The marketing description for these knives says they are stunning. They are. The set has 6 different knives, all with their own extremely vivid and detailed image of various wildlife.

They are very lightweight and easy to hold and the ultra sharp blade edge makes them easy to use as well.

They would look spectacular on a wall mounted magnetic holder, but I like the optional color matching safety shields that fit over each individual knife, covering the blade completely so you can put them in a drawer and not be worried about cutting yourself when you get one out and they keep them from clanking together.

If you're looking at these as a gift, they come in a very nice presentation box with an inner high density foam form that displays them beautifully.

Functional, beautiful and at home in any kitchen.

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