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Unlimbited program sponsorships are a great way to associate your name or brand with the excitement and empowerment of adaptive skiing. Sponsored skiers, athletes and other personalities are approachable, friendly and visible in high end sports and settings, making them ideal ambassadors for your brand. Ski days are fun and inclusive, and generate a lot of positive attention due to the range of disabilities, the latest in adaptive ski technology and a let's go skiing vibe.

Ski Lessons

Ski Lessons


2 hour private lessons, taught by Ski School (PSIA Adaptive) instructors, ski equipment, and tickets for the skier and 2 ski buddies (if helping).

Learn new skills and have a great time with the knowledgeable instructors from Whitefish Mountain Resort.

The 2 hour private lessons are staffed by 3 highly experienced professional instructors with Adaptive certifications from PSIA.

Ideal for new skiers and experienced skiers who want to advance their skills under expert guidance.

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Tickets, passes and lesson grants.

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